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Is life here barking?  Or just barking?  Some of you may remember an old army saying: "order and counter order = disorder!"  Well, as the hub of disorder, here are a few current gems:
The booze ban imposed in early April and extended to 30 Apr was to be lifted for 2 days (1 &2 May) then imposed again till 31 May.  On 30 Apr  the juntainsuits (JIS) made a spectacular U-turn: booze ban on now but lifted from 3 May onwards. No-one understood "onwards" so booze outlets were besieged early yesterday and many sold out by mid-morning!
1 May is traditionally a holiday as is Mon 4 May and Wed 6 May = bloody long w/e!  "Cancelled!" said the JIS mid-Apr; "can't have the Corona Virus spread about the country".  But on 30 Apr U-turn; "OK you can have the hols".  Result, millions leaving the capital like lemmings off a cliff, so much so that on 2 May JIS said "no, sorry you can't go!"  Bit bloody late!  Mitraparp Road  and 304 chokka end to end and all these millions having been safely sequestered in Bangkok released into the provinces to spread the dreaded 'bot'! Not content with half a cock-up, the JIS then announced that once back in their Province people would have to self-quarantine for 14 days!  Um... but the holiday is only 6 days at best and I have to go back to Bkk to work..... ummm, OK, we'll have to think about that one!
Finally, golf courses: closed from early April opening 1 May; no sorry closed till 31 May, OK, opening 3 May, but must book on line with lots of info - but websites are nearly all completely hopeless so it isn't worth bothering with.  Temp checks, disinfect bag and clubs (not true actually!), wear masks all the time.  I wonder if it is worth all the hassle.
One last gem: Corona Virus deaths in Thailand have reached 54, which coincidentally is around the average number of daily road deaths for every single day of the year in the Kingdom!  As an aside, today (4 May) should be “Day 4 of 6 Dangerous Days”..... I wonder why we haven't seen any accident / death stats – maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?

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I agree. The left hand of the government does not know what the right hand is doing. Sometimes I think a blonde girl is running the country.

The 7 Dangerous Days are actually the New Years Holiday.