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Hi guys

Does any body know when we can go and renew my driving license. I have a 5 yr one which expired on April 22 . Went to the office and was told no problem come back later.
Also wanted to know if anything had changed with the procedures. I’m 67 hrs old now. Is the medical place still next door to the building so we can get certificate

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About the medical it has moved to the next block down accross the little soi from the old office, which is now a car repair-oil change facility.
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As I understand it Ollie - the Driving Licence offices were closed because of CV-19 concerns but Drivers were told not to worry and renew later. If you look around you'll find more details.

This contrasts with the 'MOT' / Tax function which is open atm - I noticed the service much quicker than usual last week - they try to get you out of the door again quickly  8)
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