Manslaughter . . or . . murder ?

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No one could feel any sympathy for these 3 morons, the defendents in this trial    >:(   Andrew Harper seems to have been a special Guy and will be greatly missed. Manslaughter was the verdict:-

" . . .the prosecution said at more than 6ft and weighing 14 stone, the defendants must have been aware PC Harper was being dragged to his death".

'Must have been aware' - is there some proof of that ? If not, then without an admission, maybe the defendents didn't know. A Seat Toledo in escape mode is a powerful tool. But apparently they crossed the old A4 with PC Harper still there - you would think they would have known then. I don't know if it was dark at the time ? But it has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt, that they knew he was caught up.

Some question that the Jury may have been compromised and that's a good reason for a retrial. I just hope, that they get the maximum sentence for manslaughter but in the case of a retrial, they are not convicted of 'murder' because of the volume of signatures on a petition - that would be 'mob rule' IMO.

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