Glorious Rain

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Really enjoyed the gentle, mostly steady rain all night, and looks to be continuing today in Korat area, on and off. 

Haven't been down the highway in months.  How's the big Lam Takong reservoir in Sikhio looking these days?  Anyone pass by lately?

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TJD we've had rain in Chantaburi regularly since May and for the last 3 weeks, long spells of 6 hours or more, heavy rain almost every day. I know you need it in Korat, but down here, we have plenty ! It gets tiresome when you want to be out and about but not to complain.

I hope you get your share - the fields looked dry when I was up there 4 weeks ago.
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Indeed, the dry, brown gets tedious on the eyes after many months as well.  Enjoying the green time of the year up here now and hope the big reservoirs get topped up to carry us through the next dry season. 

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 "..............the fields looked dry when I was up there 4 weeks ago."  The fields are still dry in the Phimai area (and others) and farmers are even cutting their dying rice for cattle fodder,l just to get something out of it!  The rain is so local it is unbelievable.