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I thiml it's probably a 'Thai village' thing. On another forum I use (not T-UK), a member there documented his experience of getting to Thailand and quarantine in a hotel in Bkk. But once he was out, he was out. He was a free man!  He didn't live in a village.

Absolutely, Caller. If I had been coming out of quarantine and into say a condo that I happened to own in Pattaya or some place else there wouldn't be any village involvement. As for the hospital guidance for "Home quarantine" - same thing. There is no app or any other way that I know of them checking up on people going home to their condo's so nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, as "the only farang in the village" I stand out like a sore thumb!!

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An (edited) excerpt from Thethaiger today:
“In an effort to revive the tourism industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says they’ve “relaxed” the criteria for issuing tourist visas allowing some foreigners to enter on a 60 day tourist visa which can be extended to a 90 day stay.
Requirements for a single entry tourist visa: first, travellers need money! Applicants need a bank account balance of at least $17,000 USD (500,000 baht) each month for the last 6 months. Applicants also need a medical certificate issued 72 hours before departure and health insurance coverage of at least $100,000 USD. The traveller must still go through a 14 day quarantine upon entering Thailand and must arrange and pay for the alternative state quarantine (ASQ) hotel at their own expense.”
One can't help wondering if Thailand is really serious about wanting tourists to return!

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As something of a PS to my last post and the fact that I also mentioned (somewhere) that I hadnt seen any reaction from foreign travel agents to the Thai travel requirements, I was interested to see this letter in today's BP:

"I read in the Bangkok Post's Dec 8 report the cabinet has opened the country to tourists from the world over, in an effort to get the tourism economy going again. It noted that only 825 visitors have taken advantage of the existing Special Tourist Visa.

I reside in Canada and have visited Thailand about eight times in the last six years, as it is my favourite country of over 70 that I have been to. The new rules for Canadian visitors, (and probably all others, this point not yet certain) require that in order to obtain a Thai visa, among other normal documentation, we must submit a bank statement showing at least 20,000 baht, the equivalent of one thousand dollars. My bank manager assured me this is illegal in Canada and they will not back any losses if accounts are hacked. Only a court order can force such information release.

For this reason alone, all my clients who were looking to go to Thailand (I am a travel consultant), have indicated they will go elsewhere this year. There appears to be no record of any country doing this before.

Another problem is the need to book a hotel online, which my computer warns is not secure. This site lists the 107 hotels approved for Alternative State Quarantine. The least expensive hotel, and only one at this rate, is 27,000 baht for the 14-day period....they go up from there, with the average at around 40,000 to 50,000 baht for the quarantine period.

Thirdly, after all this red tape, one must request a Certificate of Entry, online, and include a copy of their travel insurance policy for travel and Covid coverage, and the hotel information. My policy, issued recently, is a 44-page booklet.

When one takes all this into account in trip-planning, it is my view that the return to Thailand for tourists is going to be a small trickle, not a flowing stream, until major changes are made. I hope to return to Thailand soon, under normal conditions. The people there are the greatest."

TAT, please note!

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As vaccinations begin to roll out worldwide I assume there will be some form of 'Yellow Fever'-type record? A global database in some form or other. I don't know how much interconnection exists currently regarding passports - when immigration scan your passport are they accessing their own database, a global database or something else? Will this data be added to the electronic chip?