A complaint to the BBC

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Some weeks ago I protested to the BBC as follows :-

"From Our Own Correspondent
BBC Radio 4, Saturday 25 July 2020

In a report about Brazil we quoted a contributor who claimed that: "every 23 minutes in Brazil a young black man is killed by the police". In fact, Human Rights Watch says that across Brazil police have killed 33,000 people in the last ten years. . . . Human Rights Watch says three quarters of these deaths were black men."

Every 23 minutes would have amounted to 22,852 young black men killed by Police in Brazil yearly. In fact the figure is probably approx 2,475 black men, of all ages, killed each year - (that's absolutely shocking in in itself). 

The BBC overstated the actual situation nearly TENFOLD. The BBC's reply to me concluded, "Thank you again for getting in touch and for bringing the matter to our attention."

No mention that a correction will be made on the programme - IMO that's disgraceful.  >:(
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I wrote to the BBC regarding the bias shown by Panorama, in particular asking the IOM Chief Minister if he would be apologising if the IOM were found to have abused the VAT system. After a thorough investigation by UK HMRC, they duly were. Are the BBC going to apologise I asked? No answer was forthcoming....