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I admit it ! On this occasion - Halloween  >:(   >:(

I'm surprised that the PM has time for this - not sure how this is going to 'boost the economy' of Thailand in the absence of tourists. I dislike Halloween anyway - though I understand the Festival has 'religious' origins, in it's modern form, it's just a gruesome indulgence. AIMVHO LOL.

"BANGKOK — The annual Halloween party on Khaosan Road will go ahead this year amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Deputy Bangkok governor Sakoltee Pattiyakul announced at City Hall that none other than the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will preside over the opening ceremony of the two-day party on Oct. 30 in an attempt to boost the economy around what was once known as the popular backpacker street. The Halloween party will last from 9am to midnight on Oct. 30 and 31."


What's your grump today ? (present Company accepted)
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