Military and police convoys

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Monday 12th 1300.  Just driven back up the Mitraparp to Phimai area.  Got behind an army convoy of 10 buses and 4 trucks, police cars front and rear and travelling unusually fast at about 110 -120 km/hr.  Going to Khon Kaen?  On the other side of the road, there were no less than 4 convoys of police vehicles (mainly mini buses and pick-ups) going in the Bkk direction, including what must be every 'Paddy Wagon' (rot kuk) in the Isaan.  I wonder if they are expecting trouble on Wednesday?!

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I was driving North (the 205) from Korat this early afternoon. Saw plenty of squaddies travelling 'informally' in same direction, in uniform/fatigues but in civilian pick-ups.

From my reading, off to military sponsored parties for tmrw's holiday.