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. . . and accept the culture of the Nation that accepts you . .

1. In some ways well done Germany for standing up for integration. On the other hand, this Guy is a working Doctor and probably doing some good. It's never easy is it ?

"A German court has ruled that a Muslim doctor should not be granted citizenship after he refused to shake hands with the woman presenting him with his naturalisation certificate. According to the administrative court of Baden-Württemberg, the Lebanese man had forgone his right to become German because his refusal to shake the bureaucrat’s hand was evidence that he saw her as “posing the threat of sexual seduction.”The judges explained that obtaining German citizenship was dependent on the applicant being able to demonstrate that he lived according to the values set out in the German constitution, which enshrines sexual equality[/b]."


and . . .

2. The sheer horror of Muslim extremeism laid bare :-

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