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I read in the Thai Examiner: "TAT Governor has made it clear that the government’s plans for foreign tourism in 2021 will be based on the ‘new normal’ of 14-day quarantine and travel packages offerings combined with Thai Airways flights and local hotel operators participating in the Alternative Quarantine Scheme.  He said that as things presently stand, there will be no quick return to mass-market tourism as the government had rejected a proposal from the Ministry of Public Health to reduce the quarantine period from 14 days to 10."
Given that the total cost of getting here and completing the quarantine period is probably as much as the rest your your proposed holiday and the large amount of time, trouble and hassle involved in getting all the documents together in the first place, it would be interesting if a survey of worldwide (?well, UK and Europe anyway) travel agents was carried out to give an idea of what the travelling public actually thinks of the Thai government's requirements.
If I was thinking of a holiday in the sun, these restrictions would put Thailand at the bottom of the list and I suspect I am not alone in this.  But nowhere have I seen any figures or statistics (Roger - maybe you have) to give some sort of idea as to how Thailand's tourism industry is now viewed abroad.

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Hector- "He said that as things presently stand". Yes but the 'vaccines' may, hopefully change the scene somewhat and then TAT will say something different  ;)

All I've noticed stat wise is that Thailand is no longer No.1 on the desirable list for the Chinese.

Way to go - if the vaccines prove effective it'll change a lot but, LET'S BEAR IN MIND, I DON'T THINK ANY OF THE VACCINES ARE PROVEN INSOFARAS, THE VACCINATED WILL NOT PASS ON THE INFECTION,  (but can prevent Folks being infected and can lessen severity).

Way to go - sorry about the CAPS.
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