Heinous crimes that shocked us in 2020

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I daresay many K-F's remember Feb 8th very well despite the force of the CV-19 and Brexit dramas in 2020 :-

" . . . the country was shocked by a mass shooting in Nakhon Ratchasima on Feb 8 that left 30 people dead, including the gunman, and 58 others injured. The lone gunman, identified later as Sgt Maj 1st Class Jakrapanth Thomma, 32, of the Surathampithak army camp, shot dead his commander and two others before fleeing in one of the unit's Humvees. Armed with three HK33 rifles and an M60 machine gun he had taken from his military camp, Sgt Maj 1st Class Jakrapanth fired at civilians as he drove to the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Muang district.

The soldier-turned-shooter streamed his rampage on Facebook Live and posted a selfie showing himself holding a rifle. His Facebook page was taken down moments later.     By 7pm, security authorities had sealed off the area within a two-kilometre radius of the mall and warned residents to stay indoors. Dozens of people were trapped inside and it was reported the gunman held almost 20 of them hostage.

The rescue operation saw many from the Royal Thai Police's (RTP) elite unit and hundreds of security personnel rush to the scene and evacuate dozens of people to safety. Police used drones to locate the gunman and found him holed up in a cold storage room on the lower ground floor of the mall. The tense situation ended at about 9am, about 17 hours after the drama began, when the crack unit cleared much of the lower-ground floor and finally reached the cold storage room. After the gunfire stopped, Sgt Maj 1st Class Jakrapanth was found dead next to the weapons he had taken from the military camp. The rampage was thought to have been sparked by a conflict over a house sale between the gunman and his commander."

and "Lop Buri gold shop slayings - One of the most disturbing crimes occurred back in January when a lone gunman killed three people, including a two-year-old boy, during a gold shop robbery at the Robinson shopping mall in Lop Buri's Muang district on the evening of Jan 9. Surveillance camera footage showed the robber, armed with a gun fitted with a silencer, shooting two of the victims before walking up to the counter. The two-year-old boy was walking past the shop with his mother when he was shot. The gunman then shot dead a security guard as he left the mall. Four people were also wounded. Thirteen days later, police arrested Prasittichai "Golf" Khaokaew, 38, the director of a primary school in Sing Buri. He had made off with 33 gold necklaces worth about 672,000 baht and some of the loot was found hidden in the roof of the carport at his father's house. Prasittichai initially said that he had only robbed the gold shop for the thrill of doing it but he later admitted his real motive had been financial problems. He was found to owe more than two million baht to teachers' cooperatives and Krungthai Bank. In August this year, the Criminal Court found him guilty on all counts and sentenced him to death, with a fine of 1,000 baht. The court also ordered him to compensate all the victims' families with amounts of 90,000-2.2 million baht, with interest at 7.5% per year."

and "A deadly shooting at a gambling den in Bangkok on Aug 3, in which four people were killed, opened a can of worms for police, even though the accused gunman turned himself in to face charges. Niphit Srisuwan, better known as "Boy Ban Khrua", 61, surrendered shortly after the Bangkok South Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest for the shooting. According to his statement, Mr Niphit shot and killed Thavorn Seesod, the gunman who had slain three other people at the casino on Rama III Road, and then fled the premises. One of Mr Thavorn's three victims was Pol Maj Watthanaset Samniangprasert, an interrogation inspector at Samae Dam police station, in Bang Bon district.

Although the circumstances surrounding the shooting were unclear, it was reported that a Chinese gambler had gone in with a gun and demanded his money back. Pol Maj Watthanaset intervened and a gunfight ensued, with Mr Thavorn firing the first shot. The fact one of the victims was an off-duty police officer was enough to attract attention but the intrigue deepened when it emerged that CCTV cameras at the premises had been hastily dismantled before police arrived. The cameras were found later, along with gambling equipment and computer hard drives -- they had been taken to a house just 10 metres from the crime scene. A total of three hard drives, three CD recorders, eight surveillance cameras, six gambling tables and other gaming equipment were confiscated. According to police, however, the footage of the shooting was too damaged to be of any use. Following the deadly shooting, the Metropolitan Police Bureau ordered the transfers of five senior police officers to inactive posts. The lasting impression in the public mind was the links between those who removed gambling equipment and the illegal gambling business that operated there."

Happens verywhere, but 'Land of Smiles' ? I seem to remember several people being shot outside a Courthouse in Chan this year too . . .

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