Thailand; #22 on global rankings

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I'd never considered Thailand's position globally. Interesting to see where it is compared to other economies:

22. Thailand
2019 Nominal GDP in Current U.S. Dollars: $543.55 billion
2019 PPP Adjusted GDP in Current International Dollars:  $1.34 trillion
2019 GDP Growth: 2.4%
2019 Nominal GDP Per Capita in Current U.S. Dollars: $7,807
Thailand is the 22nd largest economy in the world with a $543.55 billion.

The Thai economy enjoys relatively high quality infrastructure as well as pro-free enterprise and pro-investment policies. Thailand is highly dependent on exports, which account for about two-thirds of its GDP. Its main exports include electronics, agricultural products, motor vehicles and parts, and food products. Thailand also has a substantial international tourism industry. While its agricultural sector makes up about 10% of its economy, it employs about 30% of its workers.

This article last updated on 24 December, so the data must be the latest available at that date. Interesting to see what damage 2020 does to various economies.

Source: investopedia