The Carlos Tevez Affair

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Sounds like an Agatha Christie book, doesn't it?

I am surprised that footy fans have not posted about this issue.

It is not entirely clear to me what he has done, however I understand that he refused to come on as a substitute? Very odd.

He has been suspended for the max 2 weeks allowed. There is apparantly talk of him being sacked for breach of contract and the club then sueing him for damages, presumably for the diminution in his asset value to the club. Not sure that argument is sustainable.

It seems clear that he will not play for city again. I would stick him up for transfer as soon as possible and take the best offer that comes along, whatever that is. Strange affair indeed.  ???


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2 ways to look at it: 1. He is typical of today's footballer, arrogant, overpaid, ready to re-nege on a contract shortly after signing.......basically a twat!

Or you could say the club really p***ed him about after he put in a transfer request, instead of letting him go for a fair price they asked for all kind of add ons etc. His manager has left him on the bench all season (I think) so far, whether under instruction from his masters or he fell out with him as well, so that must have insensed him further.

He does seem to be a "difficult" guy though, if you believe the post Man U stories, and why say you are unhappy living in England after sigining a huge money contract, if he really wanted to leave England for home and to be with his family, why didn't he simply go back to Argentina after he left Man U?

Mercenary twat or victim/owners sending a message that they are not going to stand for this behaviour, similar to the Modric situation???? I reckon both.....the question is, does he deserve the treatment that has been dished out to him......as with all the football gossip, it's mostly speculation, very few know the whole story, so I'm speculating like everyone else!