Do You Spend Too Much Time On Your Computer ?

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I sent a recent email to a friend and happened to mention that I seem to spend a lot of time sat in front of my computer , my friend was amazed and asked back

why would I do that , when I should be out doors enjoying my self , So this got me thinking . Am I unusual in the fact I spend a lot of my daily hours on the internet purely for pleasure ,  what sort of hours do other people spend at their computers .

So how about you ?  ;D

Less than 1 hour a day

1 hour
2 hour
2 hour
4 hour
5 hour
6 hour
7 hour
8 hour
9 hour
10 hour
11 hour
12 hour or more
Go to sleep in front of it
Mind you own business
There's nothing wrong with porn



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About two or three at home (much to my missus disgust) and about 3 or 4 at work.
I know, i need to do some work sometime.