20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to be launched nationwide

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The Information and Communications Technology Ministry will launch up to 20,000 hotspots providing free Wi-Fi access nationwide before the end of this year.

ICT Minister Gp Captain Anudith Nakornthap said recently that this was the first phase of the government's plan to expand the ICT network across the nation and boost the Kingdom's competitiveness. The first phase will cover key state venues and public places, and the costs will be kept to a minimum.

He added that the ministry had completed the project's master plan as well as the implementation plan. Anudith said the second phase would begin next year and that private telecom operators would support it, without elaborating further.

He added that the problem of heavy flooding should not affect the launch of the free Wi-Fi service.



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Free internet from the censorship brigade. Great. But be careful what you peep at or say.  ;)

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free as in free ?

I wouldn't mind paying a hundred baht a month for the access