Korat Hash House Harriers run 45

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Run 45 is on the 15th of Oct 2011.

Ok hashers-

Driving- Go out on the road to Bangkok and zero your speedo at SaveOne. Then travel 31.8 kilo and take the frontage road exit. Go along the frontage road for another 1 kilo and just before the foot overpass take a left toward "Wa Pu Kaeo" waterfall. Follow this road for 3.4 kilo where you will hit a 4way intersection with road24. At this 4ways you need to go left and uturn around 200 meters and come back and turn left into the same road but on the opposite side of road24. Travel again toward "Wa Pu Kaeo" waterfall for another 11.5 kilo where the road will turn to dirt. If you have small weak car leave it in the car park here and call WobblyBoot on 0815365650. Or follow the dirt road for .8 kilo where you wil arrive on a bridge which is the Asite.

Hahers from PakChong need to exit the highway at the road24 exit. Thai is Chaiapoom ChokChai exit and head toward ChokChai untill you come to the 4ways intersection and it has a sign (small green one) saying "Kurn Meditation Center" and then follow the above directions from the 4ways intersection.

If you need a lift be at the "Eddie Vagas Bar" on MookMontri Road before 2pm. We will leave at 2pm sharp for a 3pm Run start.

Need help then call "WobblyBoot" on 0815365650 or email- wobblyboot@live.com.au