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Some info on free TV channels available in Thailand via satellite.

If you have a satellite dish, you can point it at certain satellites to receive the signals and TV programmes from it. If you have a movable dish, you can point your satellite dish to more than one satellite in order to increase the number of channels you can receive.

Some satellites available in Thailand include: AsiaSat 2, AsiaSat 3, ThaiCom

Shows the regular Thai TV channels (3,5,9, NBT. ThaiPBS, NAtion Channel, Voice TV etc, and other Thai channels. It also has Vietnamese channels, and Russia Today in English.

Shows the Thai distant learning channels (aimed mostly at schools)

AsiaSat 2 (might be called AsiaSat 5 now -ASIASAT 5 (100.5°E))
France24 (News in English)
Euronews (European news in a choice of European languages)
Several other channels

AsiaSat 3 AsiaSat 3S at 105.5°E
Russia Today (news in English)
Al-Jazeera (news in English)
CNA - Channel News Asia: (Mostly Asian/ASEAN news from Singapore)
TV5 (French TV)
DW (Deutch Welle); programmes in both German and English
VOA (Voice of America)
Several other channels

There's also a satellite that has both BBC World and ABC (Australian TV) but I can't remember which one it is.

There are a number of other channels in other languages and sometimes they will show programmes in English, including sports and documentaries. Arirang, for example, is currently showing a programme in English and I've seen old movies shown on that channel before.

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Alfie , thanks for the list , I'm going to think about setting up another system, just for fun .