Carrefour Stores Change Name to Big C Extra

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                                                      Carrefour Stores Change Name to Big C Extra

13 May 2011

Director of Market Strategy for Big C Public Company, Worawan Pienlikitwong, stated that customers are spending vigorously during the second quarter compared to last year as the first semester of new school year is approaching.

Sales on school uniforms and other related school supplies have doubled.

Also, the election atmosphere has caused money to flow in the system at a rate higher than normal.

Despite this, retail business operators have expressed concerns regarding higher costs, especially for oil-related products, which have caused the retail prices of many products, like pork and fresh chicken to increase.

However, business operators continue to adhere to the policies issued by the Internal Trade Department requiring them to maintain retail prices for certain basic products in order to ease the overall living situation.

Worawan added that Big C is in the process of changing logo and sign from Carrefour to Big C Extra now that it has taken over Carrefour stores, starting with the Lardprao branch.

The company plans to have all 42 Carrefour branches change their name to Big C Extra by the middle of this year.

Also, the company has plans to hold an official press conference during the next two weeks to provide more information about its new business plans and strategy.

The Big C Extra model originated in Brazil, where the Big C brands and other companies’ brands are both sold and promoted together at the stores.

The company is running a campaign for May under the title “Golden Campaign”.

Golden Campaign is based on the movie hit Pirates of the Caribbean.

Customers who spend at least 400 baht will be eligible to enter the grand prize game.

The campaign will be available at all 105 branches nationwide and is running between May 13 and May 29.

The company expects to generate total sales of at least 450 million baht under this campaign.

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