Yokshire Puddings

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Thanks guys, apart from Toddy ;) for your assistance. I will give it a go one more time and have a roast Beef dinner on Sunday.

Hi Bulldog. It seems that the magic key maybe is to leave the mixture to rest. Rawdonlad also mentions this. I haven't been doing that, yet mine turn out OK, but not brilliant. I will now apply this technique and see what happens.  ;D
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Well with my new recipes and techniques and brimming with new found confidence, I announced to the wife that we were going to have a roast dinner with Yorkshire Puddings. I then got that look. Yes we all know that look. The what planet do you come from look.

I'm determined to soldier on, as most people who know me are aware it is really Mrs Dog who is the real cook in the family. Once she has mastered them and received the very necessary pats on the back, I will then be able to enjoy them. Life is good....


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Bulldog, my wife makes good yorkies and roast tatties. Who said that men were the best cooks!!  ;D

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Mine too Toddy. When we go home my sister in law teaches my missus how to cook our grub and my missus teaches her to cook Thai food. I'm the winner as I couldn't cook to save my life. Home made pork pies today :)

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My wife does most of the cooking but if we have Yorkshires then that's down to me. Before we left UK my wife had a going away party and asked me to make 3 giant Yorkshire puddings. I mixed the batter when i got up and then left it rest for a few hours. In mid-afternoon (between first kin-khao and second kin-khao) I wacked the oven up to 220C and oiled my pyrex dishes. I then gave the mixture another good whisk and once the oven had reached it's 220C (plus 5 minutes to make sure the dishes were really hot I ladled the batter in. 25 minutes later they had risen substantially and were a crisp golden brown. On delivery to the assembled throng there was a pause in the ceaseless Thai babble while they were devoured.
Apparently none of them knew how to make them and this is south of the river Tees so is in Yorkshire!
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Thai folks do seem to like the old yorkshires in my experience!  ;D