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Turn your computer into a secure exchange place
With Weezo, you can gain remote access to content on your computer: photos, music, videos, documents, and much more.
Whether it be for personal usage or sharing with your friends, Weezo is the answer to safe, confidential, immediate, and unlimited file exchanges.
Your computer is at the heart of your exchanges. With Weezo, you retain complete control over your data at all times.

What is Weezo ?
Weezo is a software application which, in just a few clicks, turns your computer into a secure Web server. You can use a simple web browser or a smart phone to avail of a host of functions: remote access to the content of your computer, instantaneous sharing of content with your friends, sending large files, publishing your media on the Internet.

How does it work?
Weezo is a very simple program; no technical knowledge is required:

1. Selecting content to share
simply choose the content you want to share (photos, music, video, documents), and then select the files themselves, an existing directory or a list of files that you create,
define the persons authorized to access your content,
and... that is it; already online! Regardless of the number and size of the files shared, your friends can access them immediately.
   2. Accessing shared content
For your friends, accessing content is as simple as:
entering the address of your site in their browser; this will take the form: http://weezo.net/account_name;
selecting the user group to which they belong;
entering the password you gave them.
Your friends are now connected to your secure space and can access authorized content.

All your files remain on your computer; they are sent directly from your computer to the recipient computer without transiting through a third-party server at any time. For you, this means complete confidentiality.
You can change, remove, and add content as and when you like. And you also have complete control over the people you share content with.

Your computer remains the one and only source of your files.


a portable version is available (for Windows only)