Nine Uzbekistani Prostitutes arrested by Police in Jomtien

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                                                           Nine Uzbekistani Prostitutes arrested by Police in Jomtien

20th May 2011

Uzbekistani Prostitutes have been operating here in Pattaya for many years. Occasionally they are rounded-up and prosecuted as was the case on Thursday Evening. On this occasion the Pawina Foundation based in Bangkok was contacted by an Uzbekistani woman who claimed she was brought to Thailand under false pretences and claims she did not want to be a prostitute and ran away to Bangkok from Pattaya. She revealed the women were controlled by well-organized gangs who will often mistreat them if they are unable to provide sufficient income. Khun Pawina, the head of the foundation was joined by officers from the Anti-Human Trafficking Division, the Child and Women Protection Unit and Immigration from Bangkok at the Jomtien Plaza Condo where many of the Uzbekistan workers were known to be staying. A total of 9 females were arrested including Miss Feruza Yakubova aged 46, who was named by the original complainant as the agent who controls the foreign workers

Article ...  http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/27586/nine-uzbekistani-prostitutes-arrested-by-police-in-jomtien/

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It sounds like this woman was a victim of criminal traffickers but the Thai police and a Pattaya newspaper feel it's OK to publish her photograph and the bio page of her passport! When are they going to publish photos and ID cards of the hundreds of thousands of Thai prostitutes on the game in Thailand (and abroad)?


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Ha ha you phone number link was funny.
As for the girls, i just wonder who would be desperate enough to pay for that.