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As most of us know, most of Thaiphoon's pictures have disappeared from the forum. Thaiphoon used Photobucket. I found it odd that the pictures suddenly disappeared so I did a bit of googling and found out that it's not uncommon for Photobucket photos to suddenly disappear. The problem seems to lie in bandwidth.

Although storage space (the total amount of space to hold your images) on Photobucket is unlimited, bandwidth is limited. Bandwidth usage is based on views of your linked Photobucket media on other websites. The maximum bandwidth allowed for a free Photobucket account is 10GB.
I don't know if that's the problem with Thaiphoon's photos (probably not) but it got me thinking about other media hosting companies and if they have any limits.

Do you use other free picture/video/audio hosting sites and are there any limits imposed on them? Would you recommend them?
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As commercial images hosting sites go, Google's picasa is competent.
Free. Little [if any] control or regulations from the operators - actually you run your own show.
Unlimited space and time regulations.

Easier if your already associated with gmail, Google +, or other Google applications.