Dogs saved from cooking pot - again

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Eaten frog, toad and rat in Thailand. Would love to try dog; I've no time for the creatures. Better they serve a purpose than wandering the sois and streets. A dog is no more intelligent than a pig. Why is it so right to eat a pig and so wrong to eat a dog?

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literally translated you may be able to get Forest Food from small restaurants;
the food is very spicy to mask the smell of the wildgame

You can get "Forest Food" in Korat. I always wondered why it was always served in spicy dishes (such as pat-chaa ผัดฉ่า).
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in addition to chillies, herbs are also used
though ginger and kha would help too


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Unfortunately, Mrs. Walter [good Khmer girl] considers consuming doggy to be highly uncivilised.
Seems as the local soi mutts are safe.

that's strange actually. dogs as food is much more common in cambodia than thailand.