Striking workers shot in Cambodia

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Three striking garment workers were wounded by gunshots Monday while protesting outside their factory in Svay Rieng province, southeastern Cambodia.

The three were shot at by an unknown gunman who fired at them when the protest by more than 1,000 workers turned rowdy. One of the women is  seriously hurt. The women have been striking since Friday to demand better working conditions and benefits.

Police said the man fled the scene, and they were investigating.

The factory is Taiwanese-owned and makes footwear for Germany's Puma brand, according to the Phnom Penh Post newspaper. Commerce Ministry statistics show that most of its production is shipped to Europe, especially Germany and Italy.

The Cambodian human rights group Licadho last month said there had been at least five incidents in two months in which public security forces or private armed guards opened fire on people protesting land grabs, with 19 people hurt, including seven by gunfire.

More here: http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2012/02/20/gunfire_hits_at_least_3_striking_cambodian_workers

Looks like they need a union!
'You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'


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You post interesting stuff Alphie, good to read! Its funny I never saw any news like this in Canada but have been seing similar type news quite often since I'm here.  I wear alot of puma products and thought it was all made in america considering the price their charging.

I just bought a pair of puma kicks here for about 5000 baht. I guess the folks in canada/america don't want to know the people who made their shoes are getting shot at for going on strike? (EDIT: I just read that this specific outlet manufactures for the EU market)

It would be interesting to see what the work conditions and compare relatively to other jobs in the suroundings, although someone shooting at a crowd of people because their on strike is crazy!

Hopefully no one got killed and the ones hurt have a speedy recovery.


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