4G in Thailand!!

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AIS 4G trials kicked off

Thailand's first 4G Long Term Evolution mobile broadband trial began in Bangkok and Maha Sarakham province, operated by Advanced Info Service.

Advanced Info Service, or AIS, Assistant Vice President, Saran Paloprakarn revealed that the company just began
hosting the first trial of 4G Long Term Evolution, or LTE.

Early this year, the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission,or NBTC, has allowed mobile operators, namely AIS, TOT and CAT Telecom-Digital Phone Company to apply for 4G testing in Bangkok and Maha Sarakham province.

The test is set for this May.

He said the company is testing the 4G base stations on the 2300 and 1800 Megahertz frequency in 20 stations in Bangkok and 8 stations in Maha Sarakham.

Saran stated that the company is satisfied with the results of the first trial, saying that the new system will help boost consumers' confidence.

Moreover, the 4G system will help relieve the network density problem once an increasing number of consumers use the 3G system.

Meanwhile, chairman of the NBTC's committee, Settapong Malisuwan said the committee will announce its planned auction of licences for use of the 2.1-gigahertz spectrum in 3G system by the end of May.


What exactly is 4G?

And when is it coming to Korat?
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The AIS 4G trial uses LTE (Long Term Evolution) on the 2300 and 1800 MHz bands. The AT&T model of the "new" iPad supports LTE only in the 700 and 2100 MHz bands. Uh oh. (The Verizon model only supports the 700 MHz band.)

I suspect it will be some time before even 3G is sorted in Thailand. All the carriers have done an end run (forgive the gridiron jargon) around the regulators to bring us the current 3G coverage. I imagine there will be changes when the NBTC gets around to doing the job that should have been started ten years ago.

If you want to get confused about frequencies, read here:

evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network

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My galaxy note is 4g; problem is to get a 4g sim


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I see that Apple is not producing a "new" iPad compatible with Australia's only 4G LTE network which is run by Telstra. That network operates on 1800 MHz which is not supported by the new iPad.

My guess is that Apple felt pressured to release an LTE model now to support LTE development in the US and couldn't be bothered to anticipate what the rest of the world might do. LTE seems to be MIA in Europe and in a state of flux in Asia.

Maybe the next version....