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KHHH Run# 49
Hare: Pennydrops
Location: uh, somewhere in Korat (Huay Yang Reservoir about 10 Km west of downtown off Mittrapap Rd. = ????)
Meeting Time: 3:30 pm (that's 15:30 for you military types)
Meeting Place: Dragonfly House (1719 Soi 13 Mookamontri - if you don't know, call VanillaRice on 0879630056)
Hash Cash: 300 bones for drinkers, 150 for non-drinkers if there be such a type on St. Paddy's Day

IMPORTANT DRESS CODE: wear yer green, and yer Irish spirit even if you're from Canton (now actually I once sat next to the most alluring Chinese-Irish girl on the plane...) OR wear white and let the green beer do the rest!

TERRIBLY IMPORTANT CULTURAL NOTE: You do not have to be Irish to attend, but it helps, and you might at least want to pretend.

CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT ENTERTAINMENT INFORMATION: Bring a joke, a song, or if you have class a dirty limerick.  Otherwise, don't expect anyone to return the favour!

oh, and if you care,

Directions to the A site are:  "From the Rt 304 bridge over Mittrapap Rd go 10 Km toward Saraburi and turn left into a small paved road that is immediately preceded by a yellow pedestrian bridge across Mittrapap Rd, a store on the far corner that sells fire fighting equipment, and a shop sign on the right side of the small road just in from the corner that says "Speedway".  Go 2.8 Km on this road to the T-junction at the end and turn left.  Go about 500 m to the public park (A site) on the right on the shore of the reservoir.  Look for HHH signs at the left turn off Mittrapap, at the T-junction and at the entrance to the park -- but there may not be any."