2012 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship in Korat

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The 2012 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship is being held in Korat, in the MCC Hall, The Mall, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand between April 21 and 29.

Nine teams are competing, one each from Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Iran, Japan, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan.

The preliminary round games take place between the 21 to 25 April.
The quarter finals will be held on April 27.
The semi-finals will be held on April 28.
The final will be held on April 29.

The nine-day tournament also serves as the Asian qualifying round for the FIVB World Club Volleyball Championship to be held later this year in Qatar. Only the winning team from the Asian Club Championship will secure a place in the world meet.

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I had lunch in the Sima Thani hotel today and met several of the volleyball teams - the teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Iran. They were having, lunch too. I guess they are staying in that hotel.
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Went to the sima for sumalee's birthday last night the teams were in, if you get the chance, check out the spiker from Myanmar 7 feet 6 inches, never in my life have I seen a woman of that height!.. Great chick though, patiently posed for photo's with the patrons including Sumalee who at 5' 4' was an absolute dwarf.....go Thailand!!!!