Big changes to come in Thai football?

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Buriram United president Newin Chidchob and his "allies" have agreed to set up a group, "Thai Premier League Club Allies", for greater cooperation among 18 clubs and show their power to the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) and Thai Premier League (TPL).

The "allies" was Newin's idea, which is to reduce the TPL and FAT's power. He wants all 18 clubs to become shareholders or board committee members in the TPL like the Football Association, the governing body of football in England. He said club members should be able to participate, consider, set policies and strategy in order to develop Thai football as well as review some regulations of competitions to meet international standards with more transparency.

If he succeeds, there would be a big change in Thai football. It would mean the TPL and FAT would no longer be the sole decision-maker. All matters involving the league would instead will be decided by a board of representatives from all 18 clubs. (from The Nation)

Big changes to come? For the betterment and development of Thai football? Or is it just a power struggle by the big boys?
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Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Newin is onto something here. Thai football is essentially owned by one man: the ever controversial Worawi Makudi. He's president of the FAT and majority shareholder of the Thai Premier League. Anything which dilutes his power is a good thing.

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That is true Vinnie, change is a good thing.

So do we sack the manager of Korat NOW or wait till we go back to where we were last season?

2-5 at home not a good result, the football is awful, and that is being nice to the Manager, you can not blame the players as I now think they are told how to play, by a manager who for me is a ex milkman, driver, binman, but nowhere do you find football  FA Coach on his CV.

I am thinking of getting a big sign for the next game:


No name as I can use it again if the next appointment is just as bad.
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