Bye bye Kenny

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Salika Donga

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Wild Fing, you're off again. :'(
Fact. Harry has not been sacked.
Fact. Hazard is not going to Man Ure.
Fact. You are not from Manchester.
Fact, you have nowt to brag about :o

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Spurs Line Up Andre Villas-Boas as Potential Replacement for Harry Redknapp, soon to be gone, just took the SUN headline to be true??

Hazard can go where ever he wants, what I posted was from the Fanzine.

Does it matter where I am from??? only to you, you sad sack  ;D

Brag about? well more than Newcastle for a start Richard Cranium  ;D

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Sir Alex Ferguson has lost out in the race to sign Eden Hazard to Chelsea, because it is alleged that his agent received a large signing on fee and his wages made him the highest paid player at the club. Moreover, a player that announces he is signing for a managerless club on a social network site is not the kind of player that I would like to see at United.

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So losing the Premier League on goal difference to a team that spent over 900 million to achieve it and finishing 25 points ahead of the Champions League winners whilst scoring the second most goals in United’s Premier League history does not mean that United are in need of a massive overhaul. Chelsea and City spent billions to be like us. We should not spend billions to be like them.
Perhaps United will purchase that marquee signing this summer. Perhaps more young talent will come through the door at Old Trafford. One thing is for sure, we will make movements in the transfer window in this close-season period. However if we do miss out on another of our targets to a club who are willing to pay extortionate wages and tip the agents, we should not be disheartened, nor should we be ashamed.
I will now bring this full circle and start where I left off. There is only one game Manchester United should be ashamed about in the last 75 years; and that was Arsenal v Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on 1st May 2011. It is the only football match since October 1937 where no youth player has started or come of the bench for Manchester United.
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Apparently Liverpool have whittled their list of candidates down to two people - Wigan's Roberto Martinez and Swansea's Brendan Rodgers -  and they plan to make an announcement of their new manager on Friday.

Salika Donga

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Liverpool simply can not compete with Chelsea and Man City on the transfer front. They need to develop their youth team. Rodgers could be just  the right man for the job.


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Wild Fing, you're off again. :'(

SD, you didn't finish the song:

Wild Fing.........I think I LUUUURRRRRVVVVV you!

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Apparently Liverpool have whittled their list of candidates down to two people - Wigan's Roberto Martinez and Swansea's Brendan Rodgers -  and they plan to make an announcement of their new manager on Friday.

But they have yet to speak to the Swansea man!!
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white fang

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Why not Paul Lambert? he walked out of Colchester to Norwich for more money, and a sweaty sox, downside is I rate him, but give Norwich some of their own medicine, It cost Norwich City 500K comp to Colchester for TAPPING him up, I belive  ;D

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From BBC website:

Brendan Rodgers set to take charge at Liverpool

By Pat Murphy
BBC Radio 5 live
Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers is expected to be confirmed as the new Liverpool boss in the next 48 hours.
The clubs are understood to be discussing compensation for the 39-year-old, with Swansea likely to recieve a compensation payment of between £4m and £5m.
Wigan manager Roberto Martinez had been in contention after meeting with owner John W Henry in Miami last week.
But attention has since switched back to Rodgers.
More to follow.
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Salika Donga

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Rodgers could be the man but will the owners give him time as their aim is Champions League football.?
Chelsea and Man City are nailed on certainties. Man Ure Arsenal Spurs could  struggle if, as many believe, there could possibly be changes in management at these clubs.  It's asking a hell of a lot of Rodgers to break into the top 4. Good luck to him. The more teams competing the better it is for the fans. :)