A bleak future for Thai agriculture?

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There are concerns over a drop in enrolments for agriculture courses at Thai universities. Fewer students have enrolled in agricultural fields over the past few years.

Also, many who enrolled in agricultural courses didn't intend to study in those fields but chose them because the scores for admission were low. They just wanted to have a place to study at universities - then in the next year when they joined for admission again they could enter a new faculty, which they did.

One academic said the drop in enrolments in such fields could cause Thailand to fall behind other countries.

"Now Vietnam is able to produce 1,000 kilograms of rice per rai while Thailand is able to produce only 800 kg per rai on average. Thailand will probably be less competitive compared to other Asean countries, especially when the Asean Economic Community takes effect and agricultural produce will be needed to help the country survive," said Kasetsart University Assoc Prof Vudtechai Kapilakanchana. TN

Could there be a bleak future for Thai agriculture?


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