59 percent of Thais use pirated software

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According to survey results by Business Software Alliance (BSA), over 59 percent of computer users in the kingdom admitted to using pirated software on a regular basis.

Findings from the 2011 BSA Global Software Piracy Study showed that 74 percent of those surveyed in Thailand admitted to purchasing illegally obtained software. The survey also revealed that 72 percent of the installed software around Thailand is pirated, with a commercial value of 26 billion baht.

59 percent of the respondents admitted to frequent software license abuse, while 14 percent would purchase pirated software once in a while. Users of pirated software in the country, according to the survey, are aged between 18-44. ThaiNews
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I used to run 99% pirate software on my system until I tested WinXp

Then I realised the amount of work and time required to test software

To reduce piracy of software, make it affordable