grilled pork/beef in Phimai

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some time ago a new small thai restaurant opened in Phimai.
They are specialised in grilled pork and beef.
When you drive from Phimai town to Hindat you will pass a traffic light with an ESSO pump station.
You will find this small restaurant (bamboo tables with bamboo roofs)on the right hand side, about 200 meters passed the traffic lights when you drive to Hindat.
Next to it is a small stand where they serve hot coffee, ice coffee and milkshakes.

The name of the restaurant is Khun noi.
They open from 10,00 till 22,00.
In general they start the barbecue around 15,00 but when you come at noon they will start the fire for you.
It can be full between 17,00 - 19,00

You can also order.
We often order there roasted beef and roasted pork shops.
delicious, good marinated, about 50/60 baht per portion.

tel: 087 235 99 13

They also have a restaurant opposite the sugar factory in Phimai.

They are specialised in " Lab Udon": som tam, Nam tok, Koh Moo Jang, Neua Jang,...

What is also crazy about this place:
they sell some kind of icebeer. :)
They put their fridges for the beer on -4/-5 celsius.
The beer is ice/ice cold....
When you open the bottle it comes out in ice-flakes...
very funny, never seen before...
beer also good price between 50/60 baht for a big ( COLD) bottle of Leo or Chang.

So for the people in the region of phimai, Champuang,...that like grilled meat and want to try something new...

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Sounds good, I am in Lam Thamenchai so I will take a trip to Phimai to give it a try.
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