minivan service from Phimai, Champuang, Buriram to Bangkok

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Very interesting for the people of the Phimai region.

Minivan service from Phimai to Bangkok

Price; 300/350 Thai bath !!!!

Here is all the information I have:

Chamnaan Tours ( Minivan)

From Rangkaar Yai to Bangkok (Memory station)

Rangkaar Yai is a village on the road from Phimai to Champuang (about 13 km from Phimai centre direction towards Champuang)

(The Minivan stops at lungtui restaurant which is opposite the Karaway temple in Rangkaar yai.)

The minivan stops there 5 times a day:

8,20 / 10,20  /  12,20  /  14,50   /   17,20

They also have a minivan service from Bangkok ( Memorial statue) to Phimai, Rangkaar Yai, Champuang, Buriram.

I have three telephonenumbers:

This is the number to make reservations for the minivan from Phimai to Bangkok

This is the number to make reservations for the minivan from Bangkok to Phimai, Rangkaar yai, Champuang, Buriram.

this seems to be the number of their office.

We made a reservation for a Philipine friend that visited us not long ago.
She was very happy.
She took a minivan from Rangkaar yai to Bangkok.
The price was 300 or 350 Baht (not sure any more).
But cheap!!!!!

After she arrived she was contacted by phone by the office of the Tour company.
they asked her if she was happy and if the trip went good.
It seems to be a good service.
Just call them and ask more information.
I hope this will help the community in and around Phimai

just some advice:
when you take many and big suitcases with you on the minivan;
 just tell them in advance when you call them for the reservation.
You know that there is little space in the back of the minivan for the suitcases. Good trip ;).