3 turkey dinners out the window

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i guess it is my fault in a way cause i don't have the ultimate chicken/tukey houses, they keep the fowl in but seems like as of late it didn't keep the killer dog out,,got a temple around the bend by the moutain and some monks live there, they got a dog that been stalking our animals,,in the last two weeks he has killed 8 chickens and yesterday 3 of the 9 turkeys i had. i guess i am most to blame as i didn't protect my stock as good as i should have. i guess i will get a house that will secure them good,,i am at work but i have an old worker that takes care of the land and animals,, he is upset and i believe he has revenge his mind,,wife said he put some medicine in some meat and put it out for the culpert,

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I guess they'll poison the dogs.....happens a lot especially if you have a dog killing peoples chickens.
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