Phuket's US Navy Greeting: $3 for a Bottle of Water

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Ive never been to Phuket , so I can't personally comment on the place, but from what I keep reading it sounds as it its got continuing  problems, this is the latest blight on its reputation .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

THREE dollars for a small bottle of water, 20 baht for a single chicken stick, and a taxi fare of 1500 baht or 2000 baht to Patong.

These were the inflated Phuket prices that greeted the first of about 5000 personnel from the USS Ronald Reagan and its battle group when the warships anchored off Phuket's east coast today.

Taxi drivers were not anxious to talk to Phuketwan at the Ao Makham deep sea port but one driver did say that he would be charging 1500 baht for a short trip across Phuket to Patong on the west coast, and perhaps 2000 baht if more than a couple of passengers were involved.

Vendors at the deep sea port were clearly also keen to cash in if the new American arrivals felt thirsty or hungry once they reached Phuket.

The island's ''welcome'' message is brazen and, to those who know what local Phuket prices should be, shocking. This is not Thai hospitality. It's greed.

Briefings to the US sailors are certain to have included warnings about exhorbitant prices, rip-offs and scams. The advice is always to avoid hiring jet-skis, and to walk if possible to avoid tuk-tuks and taxis.

Now, it seems, $3 bottles of water need to be added to the list.

While the US crews are keen to continue to visit Phuket because it's fun, different and offers more adventure and variety than Singapore or Pattaya, charging $3 for a small bottle of water is no way to encourage visitors to come back.

The greeting that the US Navy extended to local officials and media today was based on generosity, not greed.

The visiting crews of the Reagan, the cruiser USS Chancellorsville and the destroyer USS Preble will include plenty of charitable work, especially at local schools on Phuket and in Phang Nga.

It's to be hoped that the crews avoid the rip-offs that were evident today and find that Thai hospitality and generosity is still alive in many other parts of Phuket.

Full Article Here ... http://phuketwan.com/tourism/phukets-navy-greeting-bottle-water-14036/


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I have never been there either but it doesnt sound normal at all, at those prices, cant say i would want to go there.
As for the taxi 1500-2000 you could expect a lot more than a taxi ride for that :-)