Great British Sporting Achievments

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mr hippo

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Some posters on cycling forums are already proclaiming Bradley Wiggin's TdF win as Britain's greatest ever sporting achievemtnt and he has not won yet!
I do not like 'greatest ever' lists as you are not comaring like with like - 1950s football kit is vastly different to today's kit, the same applies to TdF bikes.
However, if you were compiling a list of great British sporting feats, what would you include?
I will start with two feats from 1954 - breaking the 4 minute mile barrier and Jim Peters completing the marathon at the Vancouver Empire Games.
I will also add to the list an 18 year old called George Pilkington Mills who in 1886 completed the Lands End - John O'Groats cycle ride on a penny farthing in 5 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes a record that stands to this day!

Can I start a second list? The Korat Farng Posters list of their sporting achievements. Any egg and spoon champions out there? Me? First to cycle across Saudi Arabia - over 1300kms in 5 days. Highest ever speed on a touring bicycle - over 100 kph (same ride)