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Figured this might be helpfull to some people.

Just realized I was a month overtay on my business visa. Went down to the nearest border in Cambodia(can't remember the name, I'll ask the gf when she gets home). I was a little worried but it turned out fine. I came up to the desk, went in the overstay line, I told her I had an overstay of 28 days, she told me can you pay 14 000 baht(500 baht per day late), I gave her the money and she did everything for me, not even one question asked.

Now this border was terrible for time/organized. Last time I went to Pattaya and took a VIP bus(Cambodia) which came with VIP treatment at the border, they took my passport and did everythhing for me, no lines no nothing. in and out 5-10 mins tops at the border.

I was offered VIP for 500 baht at this border, thinking it was the same I payed the fine, boy was I wrong! Ended up waiting about two hours to process everything. On top of it the "guide" kept trying to seperate my gf and I to try and hustle me in all these gimmics, I put an end to that. Then in the confusion I realized I lost my new blacberry, arg!

The people seemed unfriendly too compared to the other border I went to. We were going to stay a few days but I was pretty frustrated at the end so ended up going to Bangkok instead and pampering ourselves there before coming back to Korat. Must of gained a solid 5-10 pounds from all the food I ate in Bangkok, tasty!