Thai workers Call for drinks ban

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Thai workers have called for a more effective ban on alcoholic drinks in factories, as the Mental Health Department revealed many workers were addicted to alcohol, and 1.7 times more at risk of suicide than non-drinkers.

Dr Boonsiri Jansirimongkol, an alcohol and drug addiction expert at the Somdet Chaophraya Institute of Psychiatry, said a recent national survey found 8.4 per cent of Thais aged 25-34 years, 7.4 per cent of workers 33-44 years old, and 5.2 per cent of workers aged 45-54 years were addicted to alcoholic drinks.

Wichai Poonkerd, president of the Otani Tyre Labour Union, said that a regulation by the PM's Office to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol in factories during working hours would need approval from the National Committee on Alcoholic Drink Policies and the PM's signature to take effect. But it was a good idea that would benefit Thai workers in terms of health, economically and for families. He urged that a ban put in effect for 24 hours a day.

Article ..http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2011/05/01/national/Call-for-drinks-ban-30154352.html


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Well i would be ok than, i have an unwritten rule that i do not drink before 5pm.