Grisly killings in Bangkok

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There have been a couple of gruesome killing in Bangkok carried out by spouses! What happened to jai yen yen?   


Police yesterday uncovered two grisly killings - in one case a wife beheaded her bedridden spouse and in the other a husband slashed and stabbed his wife to death in a jealous rage. In the first case, Bang Khun Non police detained Pornsuree Deepaew, 36, on suspicion of beheading her husband Prasit Seesomboonyanon, 47, who suffered paralysis for the past two years.

Alerted by a security guard at an apartment building in Bangkok Noi, police found a plastic bag with a male body inside minus the head and with its hands and right foot missing. A team of police divers later retrieved the victim's head from a nearby pond. Witnesses said Pornsuree had acted suspiciously since Saturday night, when she abruptly told the apartment management to end her lease. Early yesterday morning, she went out to buy several plastic bags for packing in her room. She was then seen to throw one of the bags into the pond. She later asked security guard Sayan Nualphya to help her move some bags to the hall to await final disposal. But the suspicious nature of the bags caused him to call police.

At the time of her arrest, the suspect appeared delusional, which prompted police to put her in quarantine before evaluating if she is fit to give a statement. Police investigators believe she may have committed the murder because of drug-induced delusion or a cult. Pornsuree told police she was the medium of a deity.

In the second case, Pathum Wan police went to investigate an incident of domestic violence and discovered the murder. Neighbours reported a fight between murder suspect Chanchai Winakorn, 29 and his wife and victim Saichon Kongkaew, 31. Police found Saichon with her throat slashed and body with 14 knife wounds. Chanchai was nearby with serious injuries - a slash wound to the neck and a stab in the abdomen. At his side were two suicide notes. One was written by the victim, voicing her willingness to die with her husband, while Chanchai wrote a vow to die to end his wife's affairs.

'You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'


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If you're going to go to the trouble of killing your spouse and cutting off their head, hands, and one foot...

Why not go the distance and cut the rest of the body up into pieces you can dispose of yourself,
rather than asking a security guard to help you carry them?