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The people who cast their vote for puppet pm , who promised the world , will be expecting a return in kind , weather they will be happy with what they get is another thing . Politicians always promise the earth so only time will tell  ;D

New's snippets

nytimes.com Once again the Shinawatra clan has pulled off an unlikely feat: One of the wealthiest families in Thailand has convinced the poor and politically disenfranchised that it understands their problems, feels their pain and will fight for their rights.

ft.com Thailand's prime minister in waiting, Yingluck Shinawatra, finds herself trapped between a truculent establishment that backed her opponent in the elections and the only recently enfranchised masses, with their combination of high expectations, many fuelled by her own campaign promises, and anger at the way the elite has tried to marginalise them in the past five years.

bloomberg The incoming administration must overcome resistance from Thailand's military, courts and bureaucracy as it seeks to allow Thaksin Shinawatra to return from a three-year exile and change the constitution to reduce the power of non-elected institutions. ''I should be part of the solution, not the problem,'' Thaksin, 61, said, adding that he was considering a new career as a professional golfer.

cnn.com In her first one-on-one interview with an international media organisation after all the votes had been counted, Khun Yingluck told CNN's Sara Sidner she would not encourage her brother, who lives in Dubai, to return to Thailand to serve his sentence. She said she did not know whether her brother was wrongly convicted but that a truth and reconciliation commission plans to review the case against him and several others.

bangkokpost.com A Pheu Thai Party source said the party will use its numbers in the House of Representatives to ensure smooth passage of legislation to grant amnesty for Thaksin's 2008 corruption conviction, which would enable him to come home. The source said Pheu Thai is also seeking to control three major ministries in its coalition - the Foreign, Defence and Interior ministries - which are crucial to bringing Thaksin back to Thailand.

bangkokpost.com Khun Yingluck's challenge will be to resist the mentality of Thai politicians who often think that since the election is over, now that they have the numbers, they can do what they want. Any notion that it is the Pheu Thai way or the highway will eventually lead to further political turmoil.

voanews.com Cambodia's Foreign Ministry issued congratulations to Pheu Thai, saying: ''We hope that a new government will solve the border dispute with Cambodia more positively and more peacefully than the previous democratic government did.''

msnbc.msn.com Yingluck Shinawatra's supporters already are comparing her to other Southeast Asian female political icons, like the Philippines' first female president, Corazon Aquino; Indonesia's housewife-turned-president Megawati Sukarnoputri; and Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

I Love the '' Red '' Bit  ;D