Eating buffalo meat is good for you

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There are some health benefits to eating buffalo meat apparently. Here are some extracts of a study posted on the website of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

Beneficial impact on cardiovascular risk profile of water buffalo meat consumption

At the end of the study, recent consumers of water buffalo meat showed a significant decrease in total cholesterol and triglycerides levels, lower pulse wave velocity, as well as a more blunted response to oxidative stress from baseline to follow-up in comparison with subjects who had never consumed water buffalo meat (all P<0.05).

Consumption of buffalo meat seems to be associated with several beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk profile. Awaiting further randomized clinical trials, this study suggests that a larger consumption of water buffalo meat could confer significant cardiovascular benefits, while continuing to provide a substantial proportion of the recommended daily allowance of protein.


Have you ever eaten buffalo meat? Have you seen it for sale in Thailand?
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I've eaten buffalo and yak many times in the USA.  Both are much lower in fat than beef, and taste just fine to me.  Water buffalo, I haven't tried.  If I've seen it in Thaialnd, I didn't know what it was.  Makro stocks a fair amount of esoteric meats.  They might have some.
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