Abandoned kitten looking for good home

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I kept her on my lap and petted her and scratched her ears.  She settled down and purred for me and fell asleep.  I left her sleeping on a T-shirt beside my house.  When I checked on her about 1 hour later, she had disappeared.  I searched the neignbornood for her and didn't find any sign of her.  So far, I haven't seen her since then.  I left food out for her, and it was eaten overnight, but there are at least two cats in the neighborhood that know I put out food.  She wasn't here long enough to really imprint that this was home, so I'm not hopeful that she will come back.  The good news is it is a quiet, low-traffic neighborhood with lots of places for a kitty to hide.  I will continue to put out food and hope that she returns.

She did do the same thing with me (see post #19 http://korat-farang.com/forum/index.php?topic=5244.msg40489#msg40489 ). She was away for about two days. Hope she comes back (to you, not me)

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No.  It's a bad news / good news story.  The kitten has not returned and I haven't had a glimpse of her anywhere.  I feel really bad, and worry about her survival, but there's not much I can do.  The good news, for me anyway, is by putting out food for her in hopes that she would return, I have attracted a neighborhood cat.  This cat is obviously pretty young, but I would say a kitten.  Over the past few days, I have gained its trust gradually to the point that today I could pick it up and pet it, and it would purr and rub its face on mine.  I think it is a female, but I'm not positive.  Either way I will ultimately want to have it neutered or spayed.  I think I will call it Lek.  That seems like it can be for either gender.  It has already started responding to my calls in both Thai and English.  It's kinda funny...when I first approach it it will hiss at me but not run away.  Then I reach out and pet it and it starts purring.  Mam is tolerating it so far, but she's been at work most of the time that it was around.  We'll see how she reacts tomorrow.  It will never be allowed in the house, and I'm sure she will freak when she sees it sitting on our table outside.  It doesn't help that something (most likely this cat) knocked down and broke a plaster water trough that is part of our little fountain.  At any rate, I am very much enjoying feline companionship again.
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I have been reading this thread on and off as I have adopted 5 strays already and the wife says if I bring one more stray home I will be the one looking for a new home so I felt bad I could not take the kitten in this thread.

Something a vet once told me about cats, if they are not happy with their home they will leave if you let them oustside and if they are happy with their home they will come back.......if they are able.

4 of my cats are outside cats. They have their own beds around the house and one sleeps on a throw rug I put on the roof of my car in the carport. They come inside sometimes when the doors are open but always want to sleep outside. The inside cat is just the opposite, she wants to sleep inside and I find they all have a different personalities. I love them all.

Good luck with the new kitten gatorsoft.