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Something a little different that I haven't seen on here.  If I missed it, my bad.  Please join in if you'd like to.  Hope this is a hit and not just an observe and move on.  Could be fun...  well...as fun as online forms can be I guess.     

I'm Scott.

Age: 34

Sex: Yes please.  Male

Origin: USA (Michigan/Arizona/DC)

Current location:  Afghanistan until June 18th 2013.  Almost out of this bitch!

Relationship: Been talking to a beautiful young lady from Ban Mai for 7 months now.  Will finally meet her in person on June 19th!  NOT a bar girl!

Why Thailand: Adventure and a love for traveling abroad.

Work: Will be teaching

Hobbies: GOLF, GOLF and more GOLF!  Going to be traveling around on my time off.  Anyone is welcome.  Would like to find out more information regarding Amateur tournaments in the NE.  Played in multiple mid am's in AZ.  Miss the competition, but not as competitive anymore. Willing to travel to play in them.  I'll be putting together some golf outing/tournaments once I get settled in.  Mostly for the fun of being with a group of guys/gals who enjoy a day on the course and having some cold ones!  Would also like to give a portion to a children's hospital or something.  Willing to accept ideas on this.   

Rent, Own, House, Apt, Condo:  None yet.  Will probably be renting an apt up by the mall.  Found a new place that's pretty modernized and well priced. 

Favorite hang out:  Will soon find one

How long have you lived in Korat/Thailand:  N/A

If you could do one thing over before you moved to Thailand, what would that one thing be:

Best big, fat juicy burger in Korat:  N/A

Best Pizza in Korat:  Please don't say Pizza Hut...

If you had a 4 day weekend, where would you go in Thailand: Some Island...  Need to find one still

If you could bring one thing from your homeland and plant it down in Korat, what would that be:  My BMW.  I really miss it!!

And most importantly...  Coldest beer and best company in town:  N/A