Attack of the (mynah) birds in Surin

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Surin strikes a mynah problem

Thousands of mynah birds have taken up residence in Surin's Muang district, making life difficult for people living and working in the area.

At the fresh market in the town, the birds come to life at around 4am when they leave to scavenge for food in a noisy mass exocus and return to the same place in the evening at around 7pm.

Some house owners have put up nets to stop the birds from flying into their properties. Some had also hung CDs or buckets around their windows in the hope that would scare the birds away. However, these methods seem to yield little result as the birds come back every night.

Pornchai Mungcharoenporn, deputy mayor of Muang Surin municipality, said the administration will try to find a solution to the situation. In the initial stage, the municipality will clean the area every month to prevent the spread of disease.


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