A little bit about life, The Gunner's, booze and missed opportunities

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Arsenal vs Hull 2 - 0...

Not really a surprising result, right?

But, did you notice who scored the first Arsenal goal - after only 89 seconds, in, - as I remember the facts - his first Premier League start in two and a half years?

Core supporters of The Gunner's might remember his name. For those who don't, it's Niclas Bendtner.

Before any of you start accusing me, I'll have to deny. I am not a member of his family, or a close fiend - and as far as I know, he hasn't got a sister, so I probably never will be!

But he is Danish as well as I am. This explains why I've been following his carrier closely ever since it started. He might not have played an important role on Arsenal's team during the last two years - correction, he HAS NOT played any important role for Arsenal during this period at all. Admitted.

I'm pretty sure, I would not like to have him as a friend, due to his personality. Don't forget that two years ago, the Gunner's players were submitted to a psychological test, which was supposed to measure the players self esteem and understanding of their own skills, compared to their actual skills and performances - on a scale from  1 - 10. Personally, I will never be able to understand it, but Bendtner managed to break the scale - he somehow scored above 10...!!! The first couple of times I read the story, I didn't really believe it, but I now know it's true.

And, now we have reached the purpose of my post. Bendtner might not be very important for Arsenal, well he isn't, right? But, I can assure everyone who wants to listen that he is invaluable to the Danish national team. Denmark is not going to the World Cup in Brazil next summer. Because of Bendtner. In the spring of this year he managed to drive his car in the wrong direction... it was a one way street... in front of a police patrol... right in the center of Copenhagen... being heavily influenced by substances usually bought in bottles, and certainly not approved by Arsene Wenger...

That earned him an eight months quarantine from the Danish national team. Who cares? Well, I do! Next year there will be no Denmark at the World Cup, due to the simple fact that Bendtner is the only real goalscorer Denmark has. During his quarantine, the Danish national team was a disaster. On the day he was allowed back into the team, he scored twice - against Italy!

Most of you reading this couldn't care less. Understandable, after all. But you might enjoy reading the following Twitter posts, which appeared right after Bendtner's goal agains Hull tonight. Who knows?

Anyway, here they are:

"We weren't prepared for this." (Bendtner Stats)

"Cricket! When Bendtner starts scoring you really have to take Arsenal seriously." (Gary Lineker)

... and my favorite:

"Retweet if you think Bendtner should win the Ballon D'or" (Brian Mbunde)

Life would be so much easier without football...

Premier League again on Saturday... And people ask why I drink...

"If life was easy, everybody would have one"
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Great post!  ;D

But are you an actual gooner, regardless of Bendtner?

I'm sure he won't mind if I answer for him! No, not a Gooner, he's a Dane, and a very proud one at that.  :)

Bendtner - not generally regarded as one of the Arses best players, but I've lost count of the number of times his goals have helped them out of trouble.

Steen, it's about time you came out for a drink with me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great post!  ;D

But are you an actual gooner, regardless of Bendtner?

Yes, I'm actually an Arsenal fan and have been it ever since I was a small kid, playing soccer with the other kids in the neighborhood - and pretending to be one of our favorite players. In my case, an Arsenal player, of course!

Though I have only been 10 days to Britain during the last 28 years, I have managed to come to Highbury twice. For a game against Notts County (of all clubs!), 2-0 btw, and for a guided tour of the stadium and the museum.

I still prefer to watch Arsenal on a Saturday afternoon, though I have to admit it was much different back in time. Remember when an English team consisted of 10-11 British players? No racism intended, just nostalgia...

Steen, it's about time you came out for a drink with me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anytime, anywhere, would love to  ;D

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He wears 52 on his shirt because he earns 52,000 GBP a week at Arsenal. True story. Possibly.
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He wears 52 on his shirt because he earns 52,000 GBP a week at Arsenal. True story. Possibly.

That could very well have been correct, at least his salary is in the neighbourhood of 50 K a week.

But the true story behind his number - 52 - is much simpler than that. At least if you look at it through Bendtner's eyes. 52 comes from the drink B 52. And the B in B 52 of course stands for Bendtner.

At least this is what he mentioned in an interview in a Danish newspaper some years ago.

Though, this season he plays with no. 23. Is there a cocktail with the number 23 included in its name?  ;D

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OV it's about time you met me for a drink again too.

I will be at the Walrus about 5pm this evening come along and meet me  ;D

I really never knew you were an Arses fan but never mind I forgive you  ;)
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