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There's a new version of Firefox out - Firefox 29. It looks pretty good. I usually use Chrome but I'm becoming less and less satisfied with it so I might start using this new version of Firefox. Anybody using it yet? 

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I have been using Firefox for several years. My first impression of the newest version is that it seems a little slower than the version that it replaced. I will happily continue to use Firefox.

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I don't like version 29 at all.  It looks like Chrome which I do not like.  I like to customize the toolbar, status bar etc. the way I like them and I can't do that with version 29.  I have a lot of extensions that are not compatible with version 29, so I losing a lot of functionality.  I even tried the Classic Theme Restorer extension which is supposed to bring a lot of the version 28 functions back, but it's not enough for me.  So, I'm sticking with version 28 for now.
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I have jettisoned chrome completely ... ;D



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I use Chrome because I can sync it to my tab. When I bought the tab Firefox were still in the beta stages of producing an android version of FF. Has this been done yet, and if so is it possible to sync PC and Tab?


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Use FF on the Macbook as Safari is hopeless and Chrome for Mac looks like it was designed by Capt. Caveman.

Run Dolphin on Android, which I think is a good browser despite some of it's cheesy features.