finding a good school for a 10 year old, public or private

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Hi Guys will be moving out to Korat shortly and planning on my 10 year old niece coming to live with us, she is a ver bright child and allays places in the top three in her class exams, she spends a lot of time with us and really I would like to send her to a private school, however dont have a clue on costs or what is available in Korat, can anybody help with suggestions on schools and costs, many thanks

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For Matayom level suranaree Wittiya (near Yamo and IT Plaza) is regarded as the best school in Korat for girls. 

For Primary level Anuban (next door) is thought of as the best primary school in Korat for boys and girls. 

Each school will have a selection of different programs available (English Program, Intensive English Course...) with the cost ranging from 10,000 Baht a semester to 60,000 Baht.  There are big differences in class size, facilities, how many hours of English a week they receive, and whether or not they are taught by a native English speaker or a Filipino teacher. 

I wouldn't confuse the standards of Private schools in countries like the US or UK with the standards of private schools here in Thailand.  In the west most private schools are run as not for profit organisations, and academic standards are generally very high, here many schools are run with profit as the sole objective rather than your child's education, teachers don't tend to stay at these schools for too long. 

There are two international schools in the province, St Stephens in Khao Yai and Anglo Singapore, which is opening later this year, obviously the fees for an international school will be higher than a private or public school. 

The best thing to do is to select a school that matches your niece's abilities and personality, and I'm sure you'll find a school that suits her.  You should also have a chat with some of the teachers you might meet in the pub etc. 

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Anglo Singapore has native English speaking teachers, class sizes of 20 and would cost 225,000 per year for a 10 year old. If you want to send your niece there then I would hurry up as I think they are almost full for this coming school year.
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Also Plookpanya, not quite sure of the location. AIMS Korat is located about 500M from SaveOne market. It is an English immersion program, very religious with Filipino teachers. Fees are 90,000 THB/year.

Unfortunately the registration, 'school development', and other fees can really add up. More than 100,000 THB for a lot of private schools.