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Ive read and appreciated posts on lemon and lime trees, buying and growing..but I would like advice on where to  buy orange trees, and hints on growing them.... as they need similar conditions as lemons they must be available here surely.....i prefer Valencia as against Washington navel variety. Back home I had aValencia tree, all on its own, grew to about 3 meter and every year I got about 6 buckets of beautiful thin skinned, very juicy oranges

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Thailand has a poor climate for oranges as they need a winter dormancy. Here is a good article on growing oranges.

The orange is subtropical, not tropical. During the growing period, the temperature should range from 55º to 100º F (12.78º-37.78º C). In the winter dormancy, the ideal temperature range is 35º to 50º F (1.67º-10º C). Mature, dormant trees have survived 10 hours at temperatures below 25º F (-3.89º C) but fruit is damaged by freezing–30º to 26º F (-1.11º-3.33º C). Young trees may be killed outright by even brief frosts. Hardiness, however, varies with the cultivar and rootstock, Seedling orange trees of bearing age are capable of enduring more cold than budded cultivars. Prolonged cold is more injurious than short periods of freezing temperatures. In Florida, many efforts have been made to protect orange trees from winter cold, which is most damaging if preceded or accompanied by drought.

 In the early days, slatted shadehouses were erected over young groves. Windbreaks have been planted on the northeast exposure. Old automobile tires have been burned in piles throughout groves. A commercially produced heater has been fueled and lit in the coldest predawn hours. Helicopters have been flown back and forth to cause movement of air, and, more recently, wind machines have been installed. Most recent, and most effective are overhead sprinklers which give maximum protection from cold damage.

 Favorable annual precipitation varies from 5 to 20 in (12.5-50 cm), though oranges are frequently grown in areas receiving 40 to 60 in (100-150 cm) of rain. Benthall says that in the damp climate of Lower Bengal, the fruits lack juice and are usually very sour. California's generally dry climate contributes to more intense color in the orange peel than is seen in humid areas. Success in orange culture depends a great deal on the selection of cultivars tolerant of the weather conditions where they are to be grown.


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Many thanks rdrokit for the info... bit disappointing reading, but wil lgive them a go when I find some trees for sale, nothing ventured, nothing gained.