Free noodle soup in Korat

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A food vendor in Korat is offering a special deal for motorists who have received a traffic ticket - but you have to claim your free meal on the same day you get your ticket. The special offer will be limited to 30 meals a day.

More than a dozen of people have already claimed free bowls today, said Sirithat, who opened the noodle stall last month. Speaking to a reporter as he ate his free meal, a 21-year-old student from Nakhon Ratchasima Technical College expressed frustration that police in the province appear to have more enthusiasm for fining motorists than arresting criminals and robbers. "I am thankful for the kind vendor and the promotion," said the student, Weerayuth Nakhathorn.


So get your traffic tickets now and head on down to Tiew Mai Wa. There's a map on his Facebook page. Facebook-Tiew Mai Wa noodle stall

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