Thaksin offers easy credit, credit cards for taxi drivers

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Thaksin offers easy credit, credit cards for taxi drivers

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday promised his taxi-driver vote base he would launch a tax refund campaign for first-time car buyers, credit cards for taxi drivers and personal loans that allow cross guarantees.

Through video-link at Imperial World Lat Phrao, Thaksin and some Pheu Thai MPs listened to problems raised by an audience of taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers and told them how the party would help.

"Farmers will be getting credit cards, now taxi drivers should get them, too," Thaksin said. The credit card would be for fuel costs, Thaksin said, adding that he did not want to give out details for fear that rival parties would copy the policies.

Bangkok MP Anudith Nakornthap said the tax refund campaign would be provided for first-time car buyers, no matter whether the car was for personal use or to be hired. Excise tax would be cut so car prices would fall.

Thaksin gave the example that the cost of a new taxi could be reduced from Bt900,000 to a little over Bt600,000 after the excise tax refund.

Addressing the problem of drivers being unable to get loans to buy taxis as they could not find a guarantor, Thaksin said his policies would allow fellow taxi drivers to cross guarantee for the loans, even though they were all borrowers.

Thaksin said if Pheu Thai formed the government, he would reorganise government agencies and stop the practice of positions being brought, which was corruption that led to officers bullying taxi drivers.

Article Here ...  http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2011/05/07/national/Thaksin-offers-easy-credit-credit-cards-for-taxi-d-30154812.html